Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Missing Ink!

Get it, the 'missing ink'.


Welcome to another installment of my new and improved art blog. I'm your host Alonso Nunez. It's Wednesday and that means it's time to 'sketch' a nice bit of inking (hopefully a nice bit of inking anyways) over some pencils (usually by another artist but sometimes over my own).

This week's selection is a continuation of last week and comes to us from John Romita Jr. I said it last week, but I'll say it again: He's really good.


Really, really good.

Take this piece for example. I talked last week about the compostition strengths and the storytelling, and also the inking challenges, yadda yadda. But look at this thing. JRJR probably knocked this thing off in about half the time that it's going to take me to write this post (never mind finsh inking!) and he's made it rock-solid cool.


As I started inking this I realized that I wanted to treat it less as something I was trying to finish or complete, and instead treat it as more of an exercise. Romita Jr. is so solid that it's hard to go wrong inking him, but he's so energetic and 'rough' that it can be tricky to really get it right inking him. For my money, the two guys that have most gotten it right when inking Romita Jr. are Klaus Janson and Al Williamson. Williamson was JRJR's inker on a sustained and acclaimed run on Daredevil in the 80's, and Janson has been JRJR's primary inker for over six years. With good reason, in both cases.

Both artists managed to successfully keep the energy and kinetic movement and power of Romita Jr.'s pencils without losing any clarity or story cohesion. I wanted to try to reach for that same energy, but being nowhere near either Janson or Williamson I knew that I'd be losing some clarity or 'polish'. I decided to let that be okay. Omlettes, eggs and all that....

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