Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Foto Friday!

Welcome back to my artblog, and the end of my fourth week of continuous weekday blogging! I'm your host Alonso. Thanks for stopping by. Today is Foto Friday! Let's do some reference!


One thing I've noticed about my blogging thus far is that I have a pattern (if you can have a pattern after only a month) of tappering off towards the end of the week. Foto Friday has been thus far a preview of some work I'm doing professionally right now (zombies!), a nice start to a piece (Egypt!) and a look back at some top-notch (IMHO) work I did a few years back (jazz hands!).

I wanted to take this week though and actually do a full piece from scratch, and take you through my thinking and process. This week we'll be tackling Daken, Wolverine's son.

....yeah, Wolverine's got a son. I actually wrote that. -sigh-

Anyways, this is a character that's... really not much more than his dad. A badass. Has some claws. Kills Folks. Bisexual.

Check, check, check and ch-...WHAT?!?

Yeah, Marvel seems to have snuck a bisexual Wolverine clone right under our noses. (That sounds dirty and I don't know why) It's interesting, and gives the character a hook, an amorality that his pops doesn't have. Wolverine's a killer, and "crosses a line no one else will", yadda yadda, but he's still got a concrete set of beliefs and a moral code that he believes in. He's a good guy.

Daken's not. He's out for himself and will use anything to achieve whatever his goal is at a given moment. Including sex. Daken's sexuality is maybe more accurately defined as pan-sexual rather than bisexual, but the result is same, in that he's gettin' it on with dudes and the ladies. This is a trait you can often find in the femme fatale; maybe it's that identification, rather than the sex itself, which strikes me as the most androgynous element of the character.


Anyways, here's what I've got so far. My sketch of Daken. It's mostly geometry and figuring out anatomy and gesture. My reference for the piece is here. I tried to find a pose that was a little feminine in its gesture and 's curve'... and then I tried to push that as far as I could.

Decent start, more to come...

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