Monday, December 27, 2010

Manic Monday!

Welcome back to my artblog! It's the start of week five of my attempt to post every single week day, rain or shine, hell or high water, caffeine or no ca-... No, that's too far.

If I'm out of coffee, and there's none around, all bets are off. You've been warned...

...Or if it's around the Christmas holiday. In which case I'll find myself a handful of days behind in my blogging. I'm skipping Thursday and Friday of last week, chalking it up to Christmas (four separate Christmas's here in the Nunez Family!), which means that right now (Wednesday) I'm... only two days behind. So that's where we are now. Let's get moving! (I'm listing this, when it's posted as being 'on time' (i.e. on the date it was meant to be published, just to keep things in order)

It's Manic Monday, let's do this!

Boot Camp (exercise variety, not military) is incredibly hard. I'm pretty fit guy, but I am SORE today. And it's rainy outside. Other than Kathy Bates stopping by with a sledgehammer, I think the universe has done everything possible to keep me sitting at my desk today!


What with the child and all, I haven't seen many movies this year so I'm not qualified to comment on best of the year and all that, but having recently seen "Winter's Bone" I can definitely recommend it. It's a bleak, stark film with nevertheless a glowing optimism at its center. (But man, I never wanna go to rural Missouri now!)

Any recommendations out there? Aside from "Social Network" and "Black Swan"?


Two of my choices for my Top 50 Songs of the Year: the Glee version of Katie Perry's "Teenage Dream" (seriously, I couldn't, and still can't, stand the original but the drama kids make it very workable and catchy) and "Bed Intruder (Autotune remix)". Seriously. I mean it.


Starbucks was out of mint syrup today. That is unacceptable.


Batman, Inc #2 came out last week, and I'll say it again: Yanick Paquette's storytelling is sometimes unclear and his poses can stop the flow of a page temporarily.... but I don't care! His draftsmanship is some crazy combination of Al Williamson, Kevin Nowlan and Mike Mignola and it's so FUN that his ability to entertain far overwhelms his occasional inability to inform.


Every student of his has known that Klaus Janson is a mad, mad genius. (One mad is for 'crazy', the other is for 'cranky'. You'd be too with some of those students!) And now you can know it too! Check out the excellent pod cast interview that he recently did with the guys over at Sidebar Nation here.


Last week I published a sketch of Daken, Wolverine's son (and no, that doesn't get any less ridiculous sounding regardless of how many times I type it). It was a good start, but I knew that it needed some tweaking in order to get it to where I wanted it to be. Structural kind of tweaking. Not my strongest suit, so I went a'hunting for some help. Flipping through some Rough Cuts and Back Issue magazines I found it.

Hello, Walt Simonson!

Walt Simonson is a true master storyteller in comics. He's also a very good artist when it comes to laying out a page and constructing figures. Of course, the later two things often intersect or reinforce the former, but they're not mutually inclusive, I don't think.

Take a look at this page here. Simonson's page layouts and figure construction are very geometrical and linear. There's a lot of horizontals and verticals and acute angles, very little curves or obtuse angles. It's a very masculine style, and is at its best for 'masculine'-type stories. (i.e. super-hero, science-fiction, and fantasy) Everything in a Simonson drawing or page really looks like it fits together.

That's what I felt was missing in my Daken drawing up to this point, and what I needed to put in. I was, as I mentioned in my earlier post, going for something a little sexual and decadent in pose, but that seemed to only further necessitate the need for structural cohesion. Nothing less sexy than a body that's falling apart!

Ladies and gentlemen, Daken, step two...

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