Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turnaround Tuesday!

Welcome back to the fifth week (or second month, if that's your fancy) of my new-and-improved (or at least consistently updated) blog. It's Turnaround Tuesday!

Turnarounds are a great way to get a feel for a character and to see if you can get a handle on their look and personality, even more than a pin-up. Last week I ventured into X-men Land, and drew Rogue, but this week I'm jumping into firmly patriotic territory. It's Captain America.

But with a twist.


Let's see if I can do this as non-nerd and concisely as possible (for those of you out there who speak neither comic nor Klingon). Captain America, we all know him, yeah? Well, he had a kid sidekick a looong time ago named Bucky. Bucky died.

Easy so far.

Well, a couple years ago we 'learned' that Bucky actually hadn't died, and he had been a sleeper agent for the Soviets. He met up with and tried to kill Captain America, but then got all better. Then Captain America died and we were left without a patriotic defender of our great, great nation.

Enter Bucky. (You still with me? Good)

Bucky is now running around as Cap (even though the original recently came back from the dead; but that's another story). He's got the shield, but a slightly different costume and he generally has a gun with him. First the turnaround, then some thoughts:

I like the costume. It works really well in the context of a new, slightly uncertain Cap. The dark colors and the streamlined American iconography reinforce this. There's something intriguingly jarring about Captain America holding a gun too. Like Batman, the image of this hero holding a firearm has almost always had direct connotations about the story. It was designed by Alex Ross, who can design costume pretty damn well.

See ya tomorrow!

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