Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Missing Ink!

Get it, the 'missing ink'.


Welcome to another installment of my new and improved art blog. I'm your host Alonso Nunez. It's Wednesday and that means it's time to 'sketch' a nice bit of inking (hopefully a nice bit of inking anyways) over some pencils (usually by another artist but sometimes over my own).

This week's selection comes to us from John Romita Jr. He's really good.

Really what else is there to say?!? The man's incredible. Following in the footsteps laid out by Kirby and Walt Simonson, JRJR is incredibly bold and dynamic, and his storytelling is so rock-solid and clear that you rarely even notice it's there. JRJR does, and has done, most of his work for Marvel, but this piece features two characters from DC and Dark Horse, Hellboy and Batman.


This piece, much like the Kirby piece from last week, is fairly loose penciling. The fun (or challenge, depending on how it goes) is going to be in deciding what to do with the shado0ws and the 'greys' that he's laid out. Here we go!


As you can see, it's not quite done yet. I had a thought that this might happen. I don't want to rush it, and being two figures I can rationalize it as being a two-day sketch. You okay with that? Thought so!

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