Saturday, December 11, 2010

Foto Friday!

It's the end of the week, and we've got drawings from photos. Get excited!

Having almost been in our place a full year now, it seemed like a good time to actually get organized and go through some old stuff. I'm not a fan of going through my old work. Yeah, I liek to see the good stuff and go "Oh, I like that one!" or "Cool, that doesn't suck."; what I'm not a fan of is going through all of it, unadulterated, and attempt to try to sort through it or take stock.


One of my classes at the School of Visual Arts was your classic 'Figure Drawing' course, though the emphasis was towards dynamic poses and gestures specifically for comic or graphic work. One of the assignment was a semester-long notebook that we kept of hands and feet that were drawn from photographs. I recently found mine. Some of them are crap. Man, I did not know square one about inking! Some of them though I like; those are all ones done much more photorealistically.

Since today is Foto Friday! (wherein I'll draw either straight from a photo or a picture that draws on photos for poses, reference and landscape) it seemed like a perfect opportunity to post them. I like the way the turned out. I'd generally forgotten about them. I think that has to do with the lack of thought involved. Don't get me wrong, I thought about things like composition, specific photo, yadda yadda. I mean a certain conscious thought which helps it to stick in your mind; what was I thinking, what's my reaction to this, that kind of arty-farty thing.

We've now made it three whole weeks of daily blogging! Give yourself a hand!


First the photo I used for both hands...

And here's the hands... (separate images)

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