Monday, December 6, 2010

Manic Monday!

just another manic monday...

Mondays are historically and predictably chaotic, but this one seems to especially be so. Every Monday I spend a little time talking about what's been striking my fancy, mostly on the art front but sometimes not, and then I spend a little time drawing what's on my mind.

This week this challenge seems to be not what's on my mind! There's a lot swirling around up there today (a lot of it having nothing to do with art) but I'll see if I can find some interesting bits to share!


I've been writing about Egypt recently, and about Joyce Tyldesley's very interesting biography on Nefertiti. I'm about half way through, and the book remains very engaging. Nefertiti is a fascinating character for a handful of reasons. Primarily seems to be the fact that we frankly know so little about her! She's the most famous female Egyptian after Cleopatra, but whereas Cleopatra's been a feature of Shakespearean plays and Elizabeth Taylor movies Nefertiti has remained unexplored in most art.

A great deal of that lack of artistic exploration has to do with the fact that she is just so much newer in the public and creative imagination. Discovered a few decades earlier, the famous bust of Nefertiti was not seen by the general public until 1924. 1924! This is an ancient work of incredible beauty and vast modern popularity but, in terms of 'artistic age', it is contemporary with Picasso and the Art Deco movement, and only proceeds Superman by a decade and a half!

I imagine we'll discover more and more about Nefertiti through excavation and research, but until now she remains a tabula rasa for the world and the arts to creatively fill.


Thanksgiving is a great holiday, lots of great food and a chance to see family and friends. But, frankly, for me, it has nothing on Christmas. The lights, the celebration, the (now, for me) growing excitement in my daughter's tone... it's awesome. Rock on, Christmas.


I've introduced my wife to Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the last few months. She's quickly become a big fan. We're in the middle of the sixth season right now. There's a general thought, with which I agree, that television is in a 'golden age' right now. I think that Buffy (at least after the fairly average first season-and-a-half) is a big part of that. Anyone who has seen the show is aware of how layered, emotional resonant and well-crafted it is. If you've never seen the show I can't recommend it enough. Give it enough time to get good (the first seaon-and-a-half aren't bad, but I'd never recommend the show if it never reached beyond that) and you'll be hooked. Promise.


If two year-olds were given a power ring I think they'd be recruited by either the Red Lanterns or the Orange Lanterns. And yes, I am really intending on at some point drawing Lucia as an Orange Lantern. I'm so serious.


Well, that wasn't too scattered! Your drawing of the day comes via last week's Foto Friday!, which was a (very) partially completed drawing of Egyptian Pharaoh Senwosret 1. I had said I'd get back to it at some point, but hadn't imagined it'd be this soon. I've been really focusing on gettng work DONE, even if I'd like to spend more time; having, and sticking to, deadlines is feeling like a really important goal recently. Because of that I was feeling an urge to get back to this unfinished work.

Still unfinished mind you, but much closer now than it was. And I still like it!

See ya tomorrow!

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