Monday, December 20, 2010

Manic Monday!

It's lookin' like it's going to be a Wet Christmas here in San Diego. Maybe, maybe not. Till then, it's Manic Monday!


I've spent a few hours or days over the years trying to assemble some Christmas music that doesn't suck. Here's a few suggestions for you:

- James Brown, "Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto"
- Sinead O'Connor, "Silent Night"
- Aretha Franklin, "Winter Wonderland"
- Dolly Parton, "I Believe In Santa Claus"
- Queen, "Thank God It's Christmas"

Those are some of my favorites. Anyone have any recommendations of their own?


I haven't even begun to think about what my favorite books, artists or stories are for this year in the land of funnybooks. I really enjoyed "Blackest Night", but that was mostly last year, wasn't it? "Green Lantern" has been really strong all year, and Doug Mahnke has been doing really strong work on art chores. "Return of Bruce Wayne", "Batman and Robin", New and untitled "Avengers" have stood out (at least on art).... There's a lot to choose from. I'll see if I can whittle it down for next week.


Over at Comics Should Be Good the guys and gals have been compiling a list of the 50 Greatest Artists and Writers, based on voting by readers. (The master lists for the artists and writers are here and here, respectively)

These lists are obviously going to skew towards more contemporary artists and in addition be more subjective. I know I voted along 'Good Artists That I Like' rather than 'Good Artists Who Are Actually The Best'.

I'll save any more commentary for after the lists are done.


I've wanted to do a little Christmas gift for a couple of friends and their kid. Just a little something. I decided to go the caricature 'mash-up-with-a-superhero' route.

On that note, here's your art for the day!

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yay! i love it so much. :)