Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Missing Ink

The Missing Ink is a chance for me to do something inking, whether it be over my own pencils or over some pencils of a different artist. This week is a bit of a catch-up week for me in other areas, so I'm showing off something that's a little older. This is a inked piece I did over artist extraordinaire Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez about two years ago now.


Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is a great artist blah blah blah, genius, master, "forgotten more than I'll ever now"... all that stuff. He's also incredibly fun. Check out this page. There are so many ways to draw Superman battling some villain and Wonder Woman swooping in. Check out that Wonder Woman in the last panel though. I swear, no one draws WW like Garcia-Lopez. No one.

That was obviously the focus of the page, and needed to be the focus of my inking. This isn't to say that the rest of page didn't matter as much, just that the last panel needed to matter the most. That's a slight difference, but one that I feel is pretty important in inking.

There's some spots I'd go back and fix up now, in hindsight. I'd approach the grey tones a bit different in the first panel, and I think I lost a bit of the Garcia-Lopez look with Superman's face in panel four. I do think though that panel two came out well, and I stand by that Wonder Woman figure.

Hope you like it. They'll be some new stuff next week, promise!
(First up is the pencils by JLGL and then the inks by yours truly)


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