Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turnaround Tuesday!

It's Turnaround Tuesday!

Turnarounds are a great way to get a feel for a character and to see if you can get a handle on their look and personality, even more than a pin-up. The fact that you're drawing them in three fairly static poses means that the defining elements of the character have to be displayed in small, subtle ways. And they're fun!

After last week's Spider-Woman turnaround, I realized this week was already screaming out at me. It's as iconic as you can get. Ladies and gentlemen...


(I, as a card-carrying comic book artist and nerd, of course know this costume by heart. I just wanted to draw him and thought it'd be great. It was also a chance for me to draw a little bit more of an 'open line' Spidey, meaning one where a lot of the detail is left up to the coloring stage. That seems to be where the character is right now. See here)



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