Friday, January 21, 2011

Manic Monday!

Last week of the first month of the new year. Already? Did you know that older people experience time as moving faster than young folk. It's true. I'm old.

Let's do this!


Little bit of art goodness that everyone should check out. First, Brian Bolland did a beautiful (if that's the word) commission a couple of years ago. It's call Joker Trophy Wall and really, just go look at the thing. Man, he's amazing.

Anyways, a little after that Kevin Nowlan was commissioned to do a second in the series. It's called Bizarro Trophy Wall. Nowlan's got a whole blog post up with a couple prelim sketches and the finished piece. He calls it a "peculiar idea which seemed to work". I call that an understatement. Thing's awesome. (Check it out here)

Only question is... which do you like better?


Little bit of April goodness: A new, deluxe format release for We3! We-freaking-3! Great. Really, like I said of Flex Mentallo last week, this is one of those books that's basically required owning if you're a comic fan. It's like a monk owning a bible. You just kinda assume, right?

Oh, and there's ten new pages of story to sweeten the pot. Swoon. (Mo' goodness here)


The Australian Open has started and it's making it difficult to focus on anything else going on the larger culture. That's all.


Last week I did a model sheet of a handful of Egyptian crowns. Bet you didn't think there were that many, did you? Well, guess what? There's more!

Here's round two. Happy Monday.

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