Friday, January 21, 2011

Foto Friday!

Wrapping up the week here, and it's time for Foto Friday!


Having just drawn Flex Mentallo for the first time (on Monday) I wanted another crack at him. I decided that I needed to approach it a little more in my style, so I went in search of some photo reference.

I've already said this before but Flex Mentallo was based (pretty shamelessly) on Charles Atlas. That seemed like a natural place to start, and I looked and looked but didn't find anything that jumped out at me. I wanted something a little too posed and dramatic. Nothing.


I went with seemed to me to be the next best thing. You may know him as the former governor of California, or maybe as the Terminator or Kindergarten Cop, but once upon a time Arnold Schwarzenegger was a world-renowned bodybuilder. Charles Atlas was a big early influence on Arnold, and the style and posing are close enough in era that I thought I could make it work.

If I found the right one. I think I did.

Awesome right? Perfect mix of over-the-top Thinker wanna-be and melodrama. Perfect.


I started laying out the body for Flex; I'll definitely need different reference for his head, Arnold doesn't have any resemblance really there. Not much so far, but here's how the process is shaping up.

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