Monday, January 31, 2011

Manic Monday!

It's just another Manic Monday... but me and the wife are taking a much-needed baby-free get-away this weekend. Let's get Manic!


My sister-in-law is in Paris right now, and just took a bunch of photos of the so-called Luxor Obelisk. It's one of a pair that originally stood in front of the main temple in Luxor. Obelisks are a fascinating piece of Egyptian iconographic sculpture.

In short, everything in heaven should be mirrored, whenever possible, on Earth. A Twelfth Dynasty Pharaoh (Senwosret I think) had the first obelisk erected under the theory that the rays of the sun itself could be mirrored by the construction of massive 'ray' of stone that reaches high into the sky and which terminated in a pyramidion which was itself covered in gold leaf. During the reign of Hatchepsut (subject of much of my research right now) the entirety of the obelisk was often covered in gold leaf! That's a lot of gold!


The Nunez family just got cable, and man I missed it! We went with AT&T UVerse and while I can't speak for other areas, our service guy was awesome and for that alone I'm sticking with them for a bit.


I can tell I'm a dad because, while watching the fairly average video (featuring a fairly average song) "Fuckin Perfect" by Pink, I was actually really moved by the redemption of the mom and the love she had for her daughter.


Right now I feel like the only food blog I need is Francis Lam's at Salon and the only cookbook I need is Mark Bittman's "How To Cook Everything". Really, I could stop reading everything else and be set for the vasy majority of the rest of my life.


My comic recommendation for the week: Check out this short story from an old issue of Creepy. It's written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Al Williamson (both are sadly departed now). It's reprinted in its bried entirety at that link, and draws from real-life experiences of both creators involved. Great stuff.


I started on a Hatchepsut sketch last week, and am continuing it this week. Worked the face a bit more to completion and started on the Serpent Crown, which I can tell already is gonna be a bitch!

Have a good week!

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