Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Missing Ink (and color, too!)

The Missing Ink (get it?) is a day where I usually post some ink work that I've done, side by side with the original pencils, which are sometimes by me and sometimes by other artists. This week is going to be a little different though.


I was approached last...fall? summer? I forget... to do a pinup for a Voltron art book. It's called Voltron: United and Drawn and it's out as of the end of January. It was a fun project to do. I loved Voltron when I was a kid. The show is roughly divided into three teams: the Lion Force, the Vehicle Force and Gladiator. I don't really remember that last one. Anyways, I decided to do a 'quiet' piece (basically one in which there's no dramatic action). It just seemed like a much more fun approach to take with the art. I chose two characters, Pidge and Chip (one of whom is on the Lion Force, the other on the Vehicle) and just had them kicking back and enjoying Voltron's celebration.


This piece really called out for some color too, but I am no colorist. I can try and maybe stumble on something workable, but this needed to shine. Enter one of my friends from the School of Visual Arts. David Fernandez is an incredibly talented colorist, in addition to being a really good artist in general, and he was able to make some time to color it.

His coloring? Basically, it took the piece from a triple to a grand slam. It's really good. I got it back and kinda didn't believe I had drawn it. A million thanks to David!

First is the black and white version, followed by the colors. Please stop by David's blog (here) and tell him how much the colors rocked. David's also on Deviant Art (here) where he also has a ton of great work that he's done.


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