Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Missing (L)Ink

So last week, what with a million things and a planned trip away for the weekend, meant that some things fell through the cracks, or slid forward a bit. One such thing was my Supergirl turnaround, which was just finished yesterday, and its companion Batgirl.

I'm adding an "L" to today, and switching (temporarily) "The Missing Ink" to "The Missing Link". I'm fast-tracking my Batgirl turnaround so that I can keep those sample pages on track. Ladies and gentlemen, Batgirl!


This is not the Batgirl you know. It's not that one, either. This is a new Batgirl, who was first introduced as such in 2009. She's been around for a little while though, first introduced as the Spoiler in the 1990's and temporarily subbing as Robin a few years back. The new Batgirl is a pretty cool character.

Her costume? Let's see...


Um... wow. This is a really complicated costume, isn't it? You've got the traditional Bat-elements: the cowl, the cap, a utility belt, the emblem. But then, man, you've got a lot layered over and around it. There's a kevlar-type ribbing along the outside of the chest and upper legs and the inside of the arms, an extra pouch on the leg, a weird body armor upper chest thing that the cape attachs into. I just drew the thing and I can exactly picture what it should look like!

Batgirl's had some really classic looks over the years, and while this has some beginnings, it isn't one. (I do like the way the drawing turned out though) Or am I just crazy? Is this a good costume?

See you tomorrow!

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