Monday, February 21, 2011

Manic Monday

Its been a little crazy in "professional life land" these last couple weeks. I'm letting myself off the hook (it's my blog and I can do that), so we're skipping last week and jumping head first into this week. Me and the family spent this past weekend in Desert Hot Springs and now I'm rested and ready for a fresh week of insanity.

It's Manic Monday, let's do this thing!


The Grammys were on? I missed the memo somehow. I think I'm still catching up on all this teevee I can now record with DVR. Ah, sweet sweet cable...


Three songs I've downloaded recently which I'm enjoying:

* "Born This Way" -Lady Gaga
This song is really good. It took a little while for me to really get into it (and by 'a while' I mean a few days), but I'm really digging it now. A couple things that stand out: I love how effortlessly and yet how scandalously she mixes sexual orientation with God. Great mix there. I also like how such a strong message (by strong here I don't necessarily mean morally commendable; I mean rather the majority of lyrics being given to 'the message') is contrasted with such a mainstream, likable beat. It's going to be played everywhere, I think Gaga formed it to be played everywhere, and that makes it as ballsy and strong its own way as "Bad Romance" was. Top shelf stuff.

* "Tightrope" -Janelle Monae ft Big Boi
Janelle Monae rocks. She rocks hard. Her first album was great stuff, and this first single from her new one is possibly even better. I'm not sure what genre fits what Monae does; it's some weird combination of R&B, pop, soul, funk and prog rock. Or something. She's also a better dancer than you and your mom.

* "Dog Days (Are Gone)" -Florence+the Machine
This song is like a lot of the folk pop that you've gotten out of the east coast the last few years, but with a lot more scope and musical and artistic ambition. I don't know but I'd guess that Bjork, Radiohead, PJ Harvey and Kate Bush are somewhere in her mix of influences. And really, any two of those should be intriguing enough to give this one a spin.


I just realized that of the three songs that I listed up above, the Lady Gaga song is the only one without a music video, which is funny. The song is of course new, and a music video is around the corner I'm sure. It's just funny that I'm recommending videos for "Tightrope" (here) and "Dog Days Are Done" (here), but for Gaga I got nothin'.


Have you checked out Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. lately? It's an awesome weekly post over at Newsarama by Alan Kistler and is an in-depth look at the costume choices and 'looks' of various heroes and villains over the years. It's well-written, awesome and you should love it like a child.


Nevermind about Gaga, I got somethin'. Here's the video* for her performance of "Born This Way" at the Grammys. Did she in fact build a time machine and scalp Madonna circa 1990? Discuss amongst yourselves.
*note: The Grammys often get their musical panties in a twist about footage online. I'll try to keep an eye on the link.


For a round of sample pages that I'm doing I thought I should go ahead and do a turnaround for the main antagonist, Cleopatra. Before that I realized I had to design something for her to wear. The turnaround will be tomorrow, but here's the costume design.

Have a good week everyone, see you back here tomorrow.

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