Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egyptian Thursday

You had to know it was coming right? It's time for round three of Egyptian crowns! I kinda stretched this one a bit, but just a bit, to get in a couple things. One is the crown made famous by Nefertiti (she's also who's bust I used for the figure here); this crown, as far as the current range of research shows, was only ever worn by Nefertiti. I have some ideas on how to reconcile that though, and wanted to get some practice on it. The second is the hairstyle traditionally worn by Egyptian youth; it's called the sidelock. (Otherwise, as adults, many Egyptians chose to go completely bald, due to the extreme heat. That's what I'm doing for our female pharaoh as an adult) I also tossed in Hatchepsut wearing a head band, often worn beneath crowns, for cushioning I'd assume. It's an easy look without going all "Bamn! Crown!" and one that I think I'll be using. I can always incorporate different clips onto the knot.

Hope everyone's week is going well!


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