Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Missing Ink

As I wrap up my Sandman page (to be posted tomorrow) I thought I'd share a little bit more of my process.


Sometimes, even with an image 'clear' in your head and a rough that's pretty complete, I find that it can be helpful to spot some of the blacks. That's a little bit of comic talk there, sorry; basically, what I'll do sometimes (and what I've done with the subsequent rough) is go in with a black marker, and determine some of the black areas or shadows ahead of the penciling stage. I find this can add a bit of cohesion to a panel that's lacking it.

I thought this panel was working, but I thought a little bit more of an 'oomph' could be wrung from it if I went for a little more heavy contrast in the lights and darks. Figuring out these lights and darks ahead of time obviously makes a lot of sense. I shudder at working through some of these problems on the board!


My initial rough's in lead (grey) pencil, second step's blue and some fixes in red. I was initially going to do a little brickwork or something to make the building these characters are in look like a building, but I decided that the characters themselves should be the focus, and so I've reduced everything to a stark black-and-white.

See you tomorrow!

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