Thursday, March 10, 2011

Egyptian Thursday!

Well, the week is a little bit over half done and there's work to be done yet! It's Egyptian Thursday, let's draw some mummys!

...or something...


San Diego, contrary to popular belief, has actually been around as a big city for something close to a century now. It has its own share of buildings which in particular come from the Art Deco period, or to be more specific, a subset of the Art Deco period.

Art Deco, roughly the 1930's, was a design aesthetic which incorporated elements as disparate as clean geometry, human anatomy, the 'machine age' and a renewed interest (at least in the aesthetic sense) in pagan iconography, or rather non Greco-Roman pagan iconography. The last bit there combined with the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamen during that decade to form a variant of Art Deco, known as Egyptian Revival.

Egytpian Revival is more or less Egyptian-inspired buildings (sometimes architecturally or just ornamentally) combined with an Art Deco simplicity and geometric organization. It's a fun style, and one that (for obvious reasons) has been on my mind lately. San Diego has a good number of Egyptian Revival buldings and, it being San Diego, I took the opportunity to get out and do some quick sketching on location.

Fun stuff. Now I just gotta figure how to work them in to some pages...

(Oh, and ignore the marker bleeding through from the other side!)

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