Friday, April 1, 2011

Foto Friday!

And...we're back!

In trying to keep moving forward, as I wrap up my Sandman page, I'm also starting on another.

Switching gears almost completely, I decided that this time I'd do a Green Lantern page. It's fresh in my mind, and perfect for this kind of thing; it's from a recent issue of Green Lantern Corps. It was originally drawn by Tyler Kirkham, an artist with very different sensibilities than I have. That made this very easy. I knew that (depsite the original being cohesive and energetic) I could find my own 'voice' for the page fairly easily.


It's in the early goings, but here's a panel that I've been working on:

First, some reference-

(There's also some photos of me grimacing, to get the lighting right, but it's much too early to embarrass myself that much. Sorry)

And here's what I've gotten from that-


So far, so good I'd say.

See you next week!

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