Friday, April 22, 2011

The Missing Ink!

Well, it's Friday, not Wednesday, but I finished this piece today and so it's going up now.Our penciling selection for this installment of "The Missing Ink" comes to us from Phil Jimenez. Phil (I had him as a teacher, and we're Facebook friends, so I can refer to him by his first name if I want! lol...) is known for a wide berth of projects he's worked on (Tempest, X-men, Infinite Crisis) but he's probably best known for his run as writer and artist on DC's Wonder Woman.

Phil's work is very line intensive, detailed and carries with it a great deal of emotion, even in this piece, which is theoretically a skecth. I'm not sure where I pulled this Wonder Woman drawing from; I found it online and that's about all I know of it. Ask Google!


Working on this (the first time I've tried inking Mr. Jimenez) I realized that I would need to switch things up. Usually I'll ink hair in brush, not nib or pen; this makes sense, as you generally want the organic, soft line of a brush for something soft and organic. However, I started inking with the brush and realized that the sketchy line (it is a sketch, I guess!) needed a line that would firm it up a bit and give it a solid volume. I switched to nibs and pens, and I'm glad I did.

I think it turned out alright! (Phil's pencils are on the left, and my inks are on the right)

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