Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Gods Page

So, the Green Lantern page that I started last week was taking a bit long. Which isn't, in and of itself, a problem, except for the fact that I'm trying to go a little quicker with these one-off pages. So... we're putting that one aside and moving on for now. I'll get back to it, sooner rather than later I'm sure. It's been fun so far, and I'll make sure to post it once it's done.


The new page I'm starting on is taken from a random DC comic from the early eighties, "Super Team Family". Catchy title, right? The cover is really what drew me in (no pun intended). Here it is, by artist extraodinaire Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez:

Great, right? It's actually way better than the art inside. The story is pretty basic. Orion of the New Gods is growing really, really big, and that's apparently really, really bad. Couple characters are trying to save him.

It's a serviceable plot, but the art is journeyman and doesn't bring much to the script. That's not a criticism of the art as such, just an observation that there's a lot of room in the work for more energy and individual artistic style.


The next step was finding a page to work with. I chose one of the early ones. Two superheroes standing on an ever-expanding version of a third? I'm there!


It's been a lot of fun so far. Here's a sample of the roughs (or some of them, at least). I've decided to go ahead and letter this one. I'll explain why as I wrap it up, some time in 2012.

Joking, joking...

You can see all the panels from the original reflected in these roughs. There's some experimentation going on right now, so I've added stuff, taken out stuff and moved other stuff around.


See you tomorrow!

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