Monday, April 18, 2011

Manic Monday!

It's Monday, and as my daughter would say "A new day has come!". (She's really into Dora The Explorer and someone said that once. Or something.)

Let's do this!


You heard Lady Gaga's new single "Judas" yet? If not, go listen then we'll talk.

Back? So, what'd you think? Here's my review: I'm enjoying it, though I'm getting neither the immediate sense of satistfaction or surprise (as I did with "Bad Romance" and "Poker Face") or delayed, 'A Ha!' enjoyment (as creeped up on me with "Telephone" and especially "Born This Way") The criticism against "Born This Way", that was a retread of area mined by Madonna, is a more accurate descriptor of "Judas".

To me, it sounds incredibly similar to "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance"; the stuttering, high dance beat of the former mixed with the time changes and aural atmosphere of the later. The middle eight/ bridge is great (the spoken elements contrast nicely with the clear, 'clean' chorus). The gothic feel is also nice, but again feels so similar to the world created to "Bad Romance" as to be not surprising.

Perhaps it's context. If this had been a B-side to "Bad Romance" or another single from "Fame Monster" it would be much more of a standout, but as something that is carrying the new album in the wake of "Born This Way" it feels a little bit like Gaga's treading water.


Another Trivia Night has come and gone. We didn't do so well, but what can you do? Besides drink another IPA of course.


I just picked up a book on the Super Friends cartoon. Yeah, that Super Friends. You know when Super Friends doesn't suck, and I'm sorry to fans out there but it mostly does? It's when you've got comic legend Alex Toth involved.

Legend is a word, like genius, thrown around to often and mostly applied to people who just do particularly good at their job. Legend and genius are words, especially in a young medium like comics, that need to be saved for special instances. Kirby. Eisner. Adams. And Toth. This book is just picked up has some Toth pieces, both written and drawn, about the Superfriends cartoon and the process of creating it. This model sheet is from the cartoon, but not from the book. Imagine if that pretty crappy cartoon had had this much effort and life behind it?


On my artistic shelf this week: I'm listening to the Beach Boy's "Pet Sounds" (better than every Beatles album except Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's), starting a novel "City & City" that I'm borrowing from a friend, and finishing up a fascinating book on the various social classes in Ancient Egypt. Research, that one, but still really interesting. Nice when those two sync up!


Here at the Nunez house we've had a return of the gophers from last year, and I think I scared them off (i.e. killed them. Sorry.) with some strategically placed pieces of Juicy Fruit. Really works, it's true! (That saccharine crap's good for something!) I decided I'd honor my worthy foes by creating a super-villain in their names.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Gopher! I promise to pass on any royalties to their gopher families.

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