Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turnaround Tuesday!

Welcome back to my new-and-improved (or at least consistently updated) blog. Tuesdays are going to be a day for turnarounds. During my last year at the School of Visual Arts, in preparation for a Wolverine/ Fantastic Four sample story I was doing, my teacher had me execute a turnaround for Wolverine, and a duel sketch shot of Human Torch and Thing.

Turnarounds are a great way to get a feel for a character and to see if you can get a handle on their look and personality, even more than a pin-up. I remember standing on the A train with above teacher and talking about how some of the most memorable images of characters have been from character handbooks (like Marvel "Deluxe Handbook to the Marvel Universe" or DC's "Who's Who" or the first couple Marvel 90's trading card series do it for me); images so realized that you have a connection to a character without really even having read a story. I feel like I knew, or wanted to know, characters like Phoenix, Sersi, Captain Marvel, Thanos and Black Manta... just from one image. It's a testament to the strength of the craft involved and the power of art to convey a story. Picture, thousand words, yadda yadda...

That's all a long-winded way of saying every week I'm gonna do a turnaround. This week...


I'm leading off with my Wolverine turnaround that I talked about above. I still like the thing; I think it was executed well, and conveys the character nicely. (The Human Torch and Thing dual pin-up can be found at my Deviant Art page ) I'll have a new one next week!

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