Monday, November 29, 2010

Manic Monday!

One week down, infinity to go! Welcome back to my fresh and new (guaranteed!) blog, updated every weekday. It's Manic Monday time, let's get random!

- I meant to mention this last week: "Manic Monday" is a great song. Did you know that it was written by Prince? Did you know that he wrote the verses for the song using the exact same structure as he did for "1999"? Did you know it was possible to basically recycle a song and make another good song? Prince did. Prince always knows.

- I'm reading Neferetiti right now. It's a historical biography writtten by Joyce Tyldesley. It's interesting; the Berlin Neferetiti bust is so striking that it leads us, the modern viewer, to believe that we know more about her than we really do. The book is very good (I'm halfway through), and is a great read for any Egyptophile.

- Oh, and that Nefertiti bust is one of the greatest pieces of art in history.

- I'll love you forever if you buy me the All-Star Superman Absolute Edition for Christmas.

- I'm starting to get the Egypt 'bug' again. We'll see where that leads, but for right now at least I've been just reading a lot and doing some sketches. My junior year Thesis Project at the School of Visual Arts was on Hatchepsut, first female Pharaoh of Egypt, and I became very wrapped up in it. I'd kind of forgotten until recently that I'd down a small three page story about a later Pharaoh, Ahkenaten, as a warm-up for my larger thesis work. I found the pages a couple days ago and, despite my desire to stop putting old shit up on Deviant Art, I've uploaded them. You can check 'em out here. If I do another large-scale Egyptian project it will be on this pharaoh.

- On that note, here's your art for the day. It's a bust of Ahkenaten, from the same workshop that created the above-mentioned Nefertiti bust. The controversial pharaoh died before this bust was ever completed.

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