Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foto Friday!

Welcome to the last day of the first week of my new and improved (or rather, now-consistently updated) blog. Fridays are going to close out my weeks (I might go insane if I tried to get a sketch or drawing up here every single day of the week!).

Aside from my comic work, I spend a decent amount of time doing a more photo-realistic style (this work might actually be exclusively what some of you know me for). On Fridays I'll be pairing a photo or two (some kind of reference, basically) with either a realistic drawing or a comic work which has integrated photo reference.

First off is something exciting. This week's Foto Friday will actually be doubling as a preview for a work that I'm doing right now for a small independent company. It's very cool (in my opinion, at least) and I'm excited to be working on it. I'm excited to show you a couple excerpts from parts of it that are now complete.


I'll start with the photo references. These are Steven (left) and Sean (right), two good friends and two REALLY good dancers, together known as Happy Feet. I knew that they'd be great for the kind of big, exaggerated gestures you want in your zombies. Little did I know that the night we figured to get together they were actually going to be in a flash mob later that night... doing Thriller! As zombies! Score for me! (BTW, their performance was recorded; you can check it out here) Anyways, here's Steven and Sean...

Pretty cool, yeah? Some times you've gotta play with reference and tweak it here and there (and sometimes there again) but Sean and Steven rocked this shoot (plus their outfits were great) and all I had to do was not fuck it up (excuse my Spanish). All I did was 'tame' Steven's mane a bit; I've already apologized to him for his comic version's mullet. Here's what I came up with (these are just segments of larger panels, but this is all you get for now!)


Thanks for visiting my blog, and for all the well-wishes as I round out this first week. Come back on Monday for more blog goodness!

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