Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Missing Ink

It's the Missing Ink! Yeah, it's been -ahem- missing for a bit (along with the whole blog really). But it's back! I've been working on something that I'm not really supposed to talk about yet, but I just finished a patch panel and I thought I'd share it with you fine folks!

Anyways, here it is. The penciler is Jeff Edwards (his DeviantArt page is here) and as you can see, his pencils are pretty damn tight. Still, he's left a little bit of wiggle room, for one; and also, throughout our working together we reached a point where I'm comfortable pushing some stuff and adding little bits here and there. (The penciled panel looks wider because of the trim line, which I left in)

Hopefully I'll be able to talk more about this project soon. Regardless, glad I could share this little bit with you.

See you tomorrow!

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