Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Manic Monday.. er, Tuesday!

Greetings my blog readers (or is it reader? I've been negligent, I don't expect there's many of you out there right now). It's Monday and the Thanksgiving week is over. I am about forty pounds heavier (thanks to Pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and various other get-togethers) but a lot more rested. It's Manic Tuesday, let's do this!


Did you see that Jim Lee and Geoff John's Justice League #1 is going to a fifth printing? Eegads, that's a sizable accomplishment! I cannot for the life of me remember the last issue of any comic that went to five printings. Congrats Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, and to DC Comics. The 52 experiment is looking less experimental and more rock-solid every day.


I saw the new Muppets film this past week (I told you I was busy!). I went with a few friends and my daughter. I thought the movie was pretty damn good, and my daughter loved it. Seriously, she did not move the entire time, and she's three! At one point I tried to hug her and she shooed me off, saying "Dad, Dad, let's just watch the movie."

Parents, you will always lose to Kermit. Always.


George W. Bush, I just learned on Rachel Maddow, has been photographed a lot rubbing bald men's heads. I don't really know what to make of that, other than the fact that I never ever want to be bald now, especially in Texas.


Your art piece for this late start of the week is a funny little take on a classic comic cover. The cover is Thor #337 (you can find it here) and I decided that the world should see what that cover would look like if we subbed in the musical artist Prince instead. So I did. Here we go!

Pretty fun. Might just have to try this again sometime.

See you tomorrow!

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