Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wonder Woman Zeitgeist?

Two bits of interesting Wonder Woman news today. The first, and less interesting to me, is the Wonder Woman hoax that was started by a site calling itself Basically, the site was a fake viral marketing campaign, which seems like a bit of post-modern cannibalism, where actress Megan Fox was 'revealed' to be the new Wonder Woman. Ho hum on the choice, but it'll be interesting to see where this goes: questions like who was responsible for the site, and what's to be gained, if anything, other than a bit of notoriety. (There's more info on this story here if you're interested) I'm a bit bored with Wonder Woman speculation, especially since it seems less about who would play a good Diana of Themyscira (that's right, I'm going full nerd on this one bitches! I didn't even need the wiki for that...) and more about who looks like this generation's Linda Carter. Like I said, ho hum.

Second, more intriguing bit of Wonder news is that it appears that Beyonce Knowles (she of Destiny Child and "... and Jay-Z" fame) is interested in playing the role. I came across the story over at Newsarama this afternoon. It's an interesting thought, and I have to say that I think Beyonce could pull it off. Beyonce's a moderately talented actress (I'm much more impressed by her singing and dancing skills, of which she has plenty) and I think that she would work as long as she had a very strong director to both help push her and keep a unified vision for the film. It's funny, but (stealing this thought from my wife) I've always thought that tennis player Serena Williams would make an amazing Wonder Woman, at least physically. Williams is not a terribly talented actresss, and I don't think that she's right for the role. Except physically. I mean, look at the woman! She's got the build, as few women do, to be Wonder Woman. Being specific, not many women are that muscular and athletic while still retaining, to be blunt and to the point, the "tits and ass" of a typically sexy woman.

That said, Beyonce is not a bad choice either, again, physically. There's a bit more that I find interesting about this story of Beyonce possibly playing the Amazonian princess and of contemplating the idea of Serena Williams being "Wonder"ful, but I'll leave that for another day. It's worth watching to see if either of these news item pans out in any meaningful way in the coming weeks...

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