Monday, November 10, 2008

Know This Site: Atlas Comics

Atlas Comics is apparently a comic book store in Chicago. Apparently. I don't really know.

...So, you're wondering "Why is this website one that I would want to go to if that's the best endorsement he can muster?" Well, I'll tell you! Atlas' website, found here, is a rather unremarkable website. Very Web 1.0, if you will. What Atlas does have however, and is reason to recommend to anyone with a passing interest in comics, is three 'All Time Greatest' lists.

The last of the bunch is the 25 Best Covers, which is decent; but that one doesn't hold a flame to their fascinating lists on the 50 Greatest Inkers and the 100 Greatest Artists [Pencilers]. These are serious lists, the best that I've ever seen, and a very solid place to start when talking about any kind of Comic Canon. These lists are Wizard fluff. These are insightful, engaging and reasoned lists, full of artists you might not know but will come to love. I guarantee it. I'll not spoil their picks for the greatest in each respectable category, you should just go check out the site for yourself.

One thing to note: As I can tell from various references on the Atlas website, the lists were made at the beginning of the decade, or possibly at the end of the last. A bit of time has now elapsed since then. I ask you, intrepid readers (Readers? Reader? Anyone out there yet?): What are your 'crucial' additions to the lists as they stand? I don't mean what don't you agree with, or even which veteran artists do you believe were wrongly left off the list. I mean, which artist do you think have made the jump in the last seven or eight years to qualify for inclusion on the list?

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