Monday, May 2, 2011

Manic Monday!

It's an amazing San Diego day and it's hard to stay indoors right now. Let's get through this Manic Monday, manic-lly!


I have seen paradise and it is Genius Isolated, a book just put out by IDW. It's about Alex Toth, and yes, know I've posted about it before, but I just got my copy in the mail and dammit I'm excited! Really, it's amazing. It's bigger and thicker than I thought ("That's what she said") and the production value of the thing is astounding.

I can't recommend the book more. Well worth it. (The link up there is to its Amazon page, where it's only thrity-two bucks right now)


Beyonce's got a new single out. "Run This World (Girls)" is classic Beyonce. And by that I mean, awesome, ass-shaking and just bizarre enough to keep you engaged through the coming years. Her discography is seriously aging well, better than most wines. Honestly I think she tacked the parenthesis-Girls-parenthesis onto the title to be nice. We all know who runs the world, Miss B, but thanks for extending the royal hand.


I've got another, semi-serious writing gig coming up. I've just, just started, so I'm going to keep it light and not jinx it. I'm excited about it. More to come soon!


Progress on my Egyptian Frog Goddess has been made! Not quite done yet, but the inking's moving along nicely. Here ya go!

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